croissantThe long lost art of sitting at cafes is making a comeback! And, no I don’t mean getting an extra foamy, 156 degree, caramel drizzled, 5.8 shots in a to-go cup! Your barista might have your order memorized, but do you know anything about the other patrons in the coffee establishment? Probably not! That is why the new popularity of communal tables is popping up and causing a renaissance, if you will, at new, wonderful independent coffee shops! We urge you to check them out and stay a while to enjoy a wonderful pastry with your kids sans phones, computers and other gadgets- just the enjoyment of each other’s conversations!

For many, this is easier than it sounds and the prospect of sitting idle for an hour or two is only one element of contention when debating your next coffee shop visit. The pastry menus can be too overwhelming and in response, some diners simply order the first thing they see. Stop ordering the same old thing and visit a coffee shop with our pastry recommendations in hand! We’ve complied the best way to pair the perfect pastry that will compliment your favorite beverages below.

The Traditional Variety:

Doughnuts: Mmmmmmmmmmm Doughnuts. Now with the rise of gourmet doughnuts, it’s hard to pick and choose between glazed, bacon covered, and other salty or frosted variations. The truth is, you can’t go wrong with this sweet treat.

Our pairing suggestion: To keep your palate balanced remember, the sweeter the doughnut, the darker the roast! No need to be fancy, a simple brew is best and add a dash of cream and sugar for taste.

Muffins: Delicious … moist … mini pieces of breakfast cake best when covered with glaze or streusel! Most famous variety: Blueberry … most unique muffinthat we have come across: Rose Key Lime Muffins. Take a look at pictured the pumpkin muffin with a pumpkin glaze!

Our pairing suggestion: Try a pumpkin muffin with a warm Chai tea and savor the best spices Fall has to offer.

Bagels: A soft bread product with a hole in the middle, sometimes lower in fat and usually best when stuffed with eggs, cheddar and bacon!

Our pairing suggestion: Balance this healthy breakfast with a cold, tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

sconeScones: These buttery delights are loaded with lots of dried fruit, chocolate chips, and seasonal spices, like those pictured here and covered in delicious chocolate! This café essential is the perfect choice for a tummy that needs more than a quick bite and less than a full breakfast.

Our pairing suggestion: Enjoy this delicious and hearty breakfast treat with a glass of rich, chocolate milk. Add a pinch of salt to the milk for an extra punch of flavor.

Croissants: Croissants add a elegant flair to any menu but don’t be fooled by their light and fluffy exterior. These delicacies originated in Europe are commonly dipped in coffee and filled with chocolate or an almond paste.

Our pairing suggestion: When in Rome, do what the Romans do and go for the strong brew! Croissants are usually consumed with a small espresso or black tea for a quick pick me up in the afternoons. Siesta anyone?

Cinnamon Rolls: This rolled up goodness is best consumed when warm and gooey, and right out of the oven! Layered with decadent cream cheese photo 2frosting and swirled with cinnamon, it’s hard to resist this delicious treat.

Our pairing suggestion: This warm, gooey roll is best accompanied by a vanilla latte and a touch of whip cream. If you’re going to go big, go for the double sweet factor a latte roll pairing can bring.

The New and Exciting Variety:

Monkey Bread: These adorable fusion pastries have been popping up at cafes across the country. Unfamiliar with this menu offering? You won’t be after your first bite! Imagine small bit sized pieces of soft bread … deliciously stuck together with butter, sugar, and cinnamon. To enjoy, lightly pull the pieces of this sweet dough apart and slowly consume it’s buttery goodness until it’s gone. Then order a few more for good measure!

Our pairing suggestion: To counter the butter and sugar, order up a cup of green tea and enjoy both at a leisurely pace.

shutterstock_144012928bCronut: Originating in New York and recreated in cafes across the globe, this little pastry sensation is causing lines around the corner! A cronut is a beautiful fusion of doughnut flavorings and croissant textures. It’s hard to not inhale each of them, one by one.

Our pairing suggestion: Don’t let the sweetness over power your coffee. Add a shot or two of espresso for a great balance in flavors and strength.

Take some time in the next week at a delicious café and savor the experience that your local pastry menu has to offer and tell us, what is your favorite café pairing?


Extra special recognition given to Meg Bakken, Social Media Marketing Manager, for her contributions to this article.croissant 2