Many of our favorite food indulgences are best consumed in moderation but some of these tasty delicacies, like chocolate, can not only quench our cravings but are actually recommended by doctors. Dark chocolate, with its sweet complexities and decadent flavor is loaded with both antioxidants and many health benefits to the heart and mind.

Even the most ardent milk chocolate lover may be eating to a different tune when they taste the benefits in their hot chocolate, steaks, stews, and more.

Below are the 5 best ‘Pin-worthy’ dishes to order up when you’re looking to indulge your chocolate craving.

1.Dark Chocolate Ice Cream










2. Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinaigrette and Salad







3. Dark Chocolate Infused Roast and Stew


4. Dark Chocolate Cake with Strawberries










5. Dark Chocolate Mole Sauce with Steak








Here are some other not-so-traditional ways to get that cocoa-fix this season.