Kelli M.

Born and raised in South Dakota, Kelli ventured to Chicago and quickly found herself engulfed in the wide array of restaurants, which expanded her love of food. Along with discovering a new city, came her exploration of new dishes and eateries. Pizza, Italian and Thai – oh my! Kelli is a fan of chicken enchiladas, Italian pasta dishes, good ol’ juicy cheeseburgers, french fries, apple pie dessert, Moscato, and fruity sangria. Her new favorite? Sushi!

Julie T.

Growing up with Italian-American roots, food was always a very significant part of Julie’s culture. She loved the way her grandmother was able to shower love and affection on her family through cooking traditional meals, and the way it was able to bring everyone closer together. Her passion for writing, experience in recipe development, and content creation has landed her a prime role at, where she can share her favorite foods on the Dish. When she’s not enjoying pasta, you can find her exploring Chicago restaurants, bakeries and cafés.

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