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Richard M.

Richard loves food! He comes from a long line of food lovers, many of whom worked in the food Industry. His grandfather worked for a flour mill for a major food supplier in Argentina, while his mother was a master cake decorator and owned her own bakery. With that kind of lineage, it’s no wonder Richard has such a passion for all kinds of foods (especially yummy pastries!) Richard continues the tradition by working at and loves sharing on The Dish.

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Meghan B.

When she isn't stirring up creative and delicious dishes in her Chicago apt, you can usually find Meghan discovering new, local eateries in her neighborhood. With a HUGE passion for trying new dishes, she firmly believes that eating and adventure go hand-in-hand. What better way is there to discover a new city than visiting local restaurants? Her travels have allowed her to taste some of the best foods from the Amazon rainforest, to the streets of NYC, to pasta from the coasts of Italy. How far will she go to find the perfect slice of pizza? …To the ends of the earth of course!

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Robert R.

Robert is a native Texan with a taste for all things barbecue. He rarely passes up an opportunity to stop by an open pit smokehouse for some savory pulled pork or sliced beef brisket (homemade creamed corn and baked beans are an added bonus). Growing up in a Mexican-American family, he also developed a passionate liking for traditional Mexican food dishes and other Hispanic-inspired cuisine such as fajitas, enchiladas mole and tapas. Robert is consistently expanding his palate, trying new foods and restaurants wherever and whenever he can. His new food favorites include Thai (especially yellow curry) and sushi (bring on the spider and dragon roll).

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