October is a month of celebration here at Restaurant.com – it’s our 15th Anniversary, National Pasta Month and Columbus Day!

We love pasta and while we may not know what Italian born explorer Christopher Columbus liked to munch on, we do know a few fun facts about him and Columbus Day.

  • Columbus Day was celebrated as early as the 18th century but didn’t become an official federal holiday until 1937.
  • For those who celebrate the holiday it’s a way of both honoring Columbus’ achievements and celebrating Italian-American heritage.
  • While many people celebrate this day there are also people who have been opposing the holiday since the 19th century.

National Pasta Month and Columbus Day might be in the same month due to coincidence but we think it’s an appropriate pairing. Although Christopher Columbus set sail financed by Spanish monarchs on the voyage that landed him in the Americas, the majority of Italians claim him as their own.

So, what better way to celebrate this month with the favorite Italian comfort food? Pasta is not only the ultimate comfort food but one of the most versatile foods ever. It comes in all shapes, sizes, flavors and colors with a variety of different ways to eat it and has been a diet staple for hundreds of years.

Here are some of our favorites (we like to think ‘ole Christopher Columbus would approve too):

Greek Pasta Salad
(Pic via Pinterest)

Shrimp Scampi
(Pic via Pinterest)


Pumpkin Ravioli
(Pic via Pinterest)


Hearty Meat Lasagna
(Pic via Pinterest)


Spaghetti Carbonara
(Pic via Pinterest)


Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti
(Pic via Pinterest)


What’s your favorite pasta dish? Tell us in the comments below.