The origin of the margarita is fuzzy – no one seems to quite know for sure when or how it happened (which might be perfectly appropriate if you ask someone who has enjoyed one too many.)  But there’s one thing we can be sure of: people love margaritas.  Need proof?  Look no further than the number of folks clamoring to take credit for inventing the delicious drink.In its purest form, this icy concoction includes tequila, lime and triple sec and is served in a salt-rimmed glass.  The perfect complement to a Mexican meal and an ideal poolside or patio pour, margaritas have found their way onto menus from taco joints and tapas spots to, believe it or not, Thai restaurants.

If you are heading out for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, your fiesta will be incomplete without the queen of Mexican beverages.  Fortunately for you, margaritas are exceedingly easy to find these days due to their popularity (we’ve  even seen them on menus at pizza places!)

margaritas restaurant

Here are five of our favorites:

The Classic: Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. A classic margarita made of fresh lime juice, tequila and triple sec  over ice is a refreshing treat with a tang. Try it frozen or on the rocks with salty chips and fresh salsa. We like the classic style margaritas at Monterey Jack’s Cafe Y Cantina in Oklahoma City.

Pomegranate: These days, margaritas come in many fruit flavors, but pomegranate is one of our favorites.  We love the one at Patron’s Hacienda in Chicago, which includes blanco tequila, pom juice, fresh lime, agave and a hint of mint.


Tropical Jungle: The only thing better than choosing between Sangria, a Margarita and Corona is enjoying them together! Enjoy the tropical twist at Limon Jungle in New York City. Now that’s the way to cheers to Cinco de Mayo.

Electric Blue Margarita: If green’s not your color, try this pretty blue version made with blue curacao instead of triple sec.  The flavor stays much the same, but the blue curacao adds a fun color twist to highlight your meal.

Mango Ginger: Another inventive concoction from this cocktail is reflective of a popular Asian-inspired margarita trend. T n’ T’s lists theirs as a slightly spicy ginger and sweet mango margarita with the crisp agave flavor of el jimador reposado tequila served on the rocks.