Abbey M.

Being raised in Wisconsin, Abbey has always loved delicious comfort food that helps keep her warm during the chilly winter months. She loves to experiment with different foods, and will try anything once (from squid ink infused pasta to alligator). Abbey has a soft spot for sushi and spinach pizza, and craves dark chocolate daily.  When dining out, she tends to quiz the server on what to try and her taste buds haven’t been let down yet!

Susan J.

With a mother who frequently made reservations for dinner, Susan has long understood the art of dining. During and after college, she waited tables at high-end restaurants to perfect this art with many amazing chefs, sommeliers and wait staff—and to offset the small salary of a rookie copywriter. Today, she blends her love of food and service with her passion for words to write blogs and articles that focus on restaurants.

Lauryn S.

Lauryn is an extremely picky eater, but is always up for trying new foods. Mexican and Italian cuisines are the top contenders for her favorite dishes, but is also extremely partial to seafood. Indecisiveness is a trait that Lauryn carries when it comes to food choices. She’s often putting her own spin on dishes by customizing the menu choices with those of her personal favorites.



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