We love to dine out and know that you do too. But sometimes it’s inevitable that you find yourself in certain dilemmas at a restaurant. Here’s our top dining hacks so your next trip out goes as smooth and tasty as possible.

The Dilemma: Lunch breaks at work can be bittersweet. Some days you grab something fast and quick on the go for lunch, but other days you may want a great entree in a short amount of time.  The only issues is that you and everyone else on a short lunch break may have the same idea causing a lunch time, meal rush at a restaurant. How will you make it back to work on time?


The Hack: Ask your waiter for your bill once you place your order, this eliminates the waiting game for both you as customer and the waitstaff. Once your food arrives, so will your bill. You can pay the bill right away, and not feel the need to rush through your food.


The Dilemma: Selecting an entree from a restaurant menu can be extremely overwhelming, especially at a restaurant you are visiting for the first time.

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The Hack: Ask the waiter what  dish the restaurant best known for.  All restaurants have a signature dish or several popular dishes that customers are fans of.  Don’t forget the waiter has most likely tried all of the food in restaurant and can give great recommendations.


The Dilemma: Dining with children can be a rewarding, and a challenging experience, all wrapped up in one.


The Hack: Order the kids food first, and pack a restaurant bag.  As a parent you know that sometimes kids are antsy when they are in a unfamiliar environment and don’t quite understand the concept of dining out with patience yet.  By ordering food for the kids first it allows them to eat first, skipping the long wait. Also, plan on packing a restaurant bag filled with toys, coloring books and other activities to keep the little ones busy.


The Dilemma: You want a glass of vino but it’s usually so expensive.


The Hack: Order the cheapest bottle of wine. Although there’s an old saying that you should never order the cheapest wine at a restaurant, that’s simply not the case anymore. These days, restaurants are taking more time and working hard to make sure all of their offered wines are high quality and great tasting. Although it might have the lowest dollar tag, it could be a great value! So next time you’re out, don’t look past on the least expensive bottle, instead give it a try!


The Dilemma: You’re in a rush to grab a drink at a busy spot.


The Life Hack: Save time and the stress by ordering two drinks at once. We’ve all been in that situation where you’ve been waiting at the crowded bar and had the “I was here before THAT person!” thought. The best way to limit your time waiting? Order two drinks at once if you plan on being at the restaurant for awhile. This limits the time away from your party and this hack especially works if your drink requires multiple ingredients.


The Dilemma: You’ve experienced poor customer service in the past.

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The Hack: Make reservations ahead of time and ask very specific questions. When you are making the reservations, ask questions about their hours, parking, dish recommendations, etc. These types of questions may prompt the hostess to think you’re an influencer (someone who has a strong following) or writing a review, and may make a side note next to your reservation, prompting better service.