As the weather heats up, diners will naturally be turning to their favorite summer  hallmarks. At, over the last 12 months of our Verified Diner’s use of more than 4.5 million Gift Certificates nationwide, showed us that  Seafood, Japanese, Sushi, and BBQ  trended during the summer months! (Psst – we have the infographic to prove it below.)

You made them trend … And we sizzled up the list of top 4 seasonal fares that SPIKED the highest May-August.

#1: SEAFOOD: Seafood offers lighter protein alternatives to heartier meat dishes, making them an obvious choice for summer menus. What you find on your menu will depend on where your freshest, local fish and fish and seafood is available fish, such as salmon, tuna, tilapia, shrimp, scallops, etc. 

#2: JAPANESE: Japanese food is healthy, tasty, fresh, and well portioned. These characteristics do cut across most varieties of eateries and cooking styles. Looking at one of the most simple dish concepts, the bento box, speaks volumes about the careful balance applied in Japanese cuisine. Bento, a single portion meal, is prepared with rice, meat or fish, and vegetables.

#3: SUSHI: Sushi is a type of cuisine that if done correctly is so simple and perfect, it’s ripe for allegiance, and you will never get tired of discovering new restaurants.

#4: BBQ: Barbecue is a summer staple that is constantly evolving! Think outside the box with your BBQ offerings: order  a one-of-kind signature marinade or rub, experiment with interesting sauces or flavors, or even try some not-so-traditional BBQ proteins like grilled octopus.



 Which one of these seasonal fares do you crave?