Former Blog Ambassador Malise Terrell of Carolina Mama shares her tips and tricks for affordable travel dining.

Our family loves to travel together. We enjoy to explore, visit family and friends and experience new things. One thing we look forward to when we travel is dining somewhere new. We love to find the quaint local restaurant that all the natives rave about and check it out.

Part of the beauty of travel is experiencing a new city, beach or small town is taking in the culture. Learning the heartbeat of a region is often found through the food. Dining out while traveling makes this a delightful experience. Our family loves to get adventuresome and try something new. We love that supports local restaurants. What better way to get the heartbeat than through the hometown restaurant?

We’re headed for a family weekend at the beaches of Charleston, SC. My husband already suggested, “Checking out the dining options in the Charleston area.” Of course, I love my husband’s organization and planning. More so, I love that he is finding a local restaurant to try with

Soft Shell Crab For Dish Post

We look forward to exploring with our taste buds, as well as our spirits in Charleston. Since I am a USC Columbia Alumni, we especially love visiting our neighboring South Carolina and soaking up the rich history and culture in Charleston. You can only imagine the authentic and amazing Southern seafood and recipes!

Seafood Dining has more than¬†20,000 restaurants nationwide. Let’s face it, travel is a blast and dining out can quickly increase your travel budget. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into¬†fresh seafood, and spend quality time with family all among the beauty and history that Charleston has to offer.


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