My Sweet Sanity guest blogger Jennifer Wieland shares healthy options to help you celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month.

As they say, breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but what you decide to eat can set your mood for the rest of the day.  Often times we are in such a rush that instead of eating a well-balanced breakfast, we are left with having nothing more than convenient options like a quick bowl of cereal, toaster pastries, a bagel, or a mad dash to a local doughnut shop or fast food drive-thru on our way to work.  Either way, when you’re rushing you can often just go for quick and completely skip nutritious.

February is National Hot Breakfast Month, so let’s take a look at some hot breakfast options.  Even when you have to rush, you can still get a hot breakfast into the kids and start the day of great!  Here are some suggestions:

shutterstock_144313651_webOatmeal is a great morning starter.  It’s full of fiber to keep kids full longer and gives them some energy.  You can also add fruit, which is a definite plus!  Many restaurants now serve this option.  Pair it with some low-fat milk for a solid start to the day.

Egg white breakfast sandwiches are a convenient option, as well.  Pair it with apple slices or fruit cups, available at most restaurants, and some low-fat milk for a convenient breakfast option.  This beats hash browns and sugary juices.

Breakfast burritos are an easy hot breakfast option.  They are usually packed with protein, dairy and veggies, which is a great combination to start the day with lots of energy.  Add in a bag of apple slices, mandarin oranges or a banana to really make this a filling meal.

shutterstock_136270703_webStill want something healthy, but not in the mood for something hot?

Yogurt parfaits are another item that is quickly popping up on more menus.  There are tons of health benefits to eating yogurt daily, such as dairy and sometimes protein.  Fruit and granola add some grains and vitamin benefits, too!  Pair this with a sausage biscuit for the added protein and throw in a bottle of water to drink to start the day hydrated.

More and more restaurants are listening to their customers and providing healthier food options.  There are hot breakfast food options now that you can serve the kids when rushing around in the morning that won’t make you feel guilty for not being super mom and whipping up a home cooked breakfast.

What is your favorite hot and convenient breakfast option for you or your kids?  Share in the comments below!

Jennifer WielandAbout Jennifer Wieland:

Jennifer Wieland, is the blogger behind My Sweet Sanity. She is a wife and mom to six children.  On her blog she shares recipes and crafts she creates while trying to relieve stress from her often crazy life.  She shares stories of her family’s adventures as she manages kids ranging in age from 5 to 20 and two who are on the Autism Spectrum.  Her life is never dull and is always full of reasons for her to get in the kitchen and create as her creative and stress outlet.  She believes that everyone can cook, bake and craft and that you just have to take baby steps to do it until you are comfortable.