There are millions of heroes among us, every day. This Veterans Day, the United States will have more than 23 million living veterans, from World War II to today’s Global War on Terror. (1)

While there will be parades, speeches and a blitz of retail sales, we thought we’d offer up some personal ways to thank veterans and active-duty personnel for their service.

  1. Invite a hero to dinner. You can do this on Veterans Day—or any day! It’s a nice way to spend time with and honor someone who fought (or fights) to protect our freedom.
  2. Pick up a tab. If you notice an active soldier or veteran at a restaurant, pick up the tab. Or, ask the staff to put a drink or dessert on your tab. If it feels awkward, ask the staff to do so anonymously.
  3. Share the FREEdom. Each Veterans Day, there are hundreds of freebies and discounts available to veterans, active-duty military personnel, and military dependents. Share the list with your hero!

Whether you make it a big deal or offer a small tribute, we hope you find a way to thank and honor the veterans in your community on Veterans Day–and every day.


(1) 2016 America’s War Fact Sheet by the Department of Veterans Affairs

(2) 2016 Veterans Day Free Meals, Discounts Sales and Deals